Christi Grail


Christi's interests in hair design came early in life. Dolls, siblings, friends and even high school teachers can be included as her first clients. Early in her teenage years, an interest in the fine arts inspired her discovery of designer Mary Quant, which led to a love affair of all things mod and most influentially with Vidal Sassoon's 5 point bob.

At the tender age of 19, with a clear idea of what her career and life path should be, she enrolled in cosmetology school. One month after graduating the program, she boarded a plane and enrolled in Vidal Sassoon's Advanced Academy in London, England where she studied extensively in color and cutting. She likes to think of this experience as her taste of graduate school. Thirteen years later, she remains connected with the academy, periodically making trips to London and Santa Monica for professional "tune-ups".

By 23 years old, Christi was working as a master stylist in Northampton. Being one of the most highly sought after stylists in town, she maintained a full client list and educated a team of assistants. Nothing excited her more then to see the advancement of technical skills and passion of an assistant becoming a new stylist.

Deciding to move closer to her then fiancee, a move to Boston prompted her to leave the busy salon life and work more independently. Still wanting to keep connected with her clientele, she commuted from Cambridge to Northampton several days a week. Although Boston was a great place to live, she missed life in the valley. Both Christi and her now husband relocated back to western Massachusetts where they decided to buy a home in Greenfield to plant some roots. Recently their family expanded as they welcomed their first child, a baby boy name Gaius, into their lives.

Even after all these years, Christi is still passionate about hair. She likes to think of her work as architectural and thoughtful. Customizing everything to suit client's bone structure to lifestyle. Nothing will be left out in your experience! She believes that by working with AVEDA products, she is allowed complete access to a product line that is just as thoughtful. Meeting her clients needs has never been as rewarding or complete.

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